Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Piddle Hill

We are slowly accomplishing our "getting road ready" chores done. Today Dan put water in our big golf cart batteries that we use for our solar panels, he greased the slides and landing gear, and washed all the outside windows. I was lazy and only dusted all the high up stuff in the kitchen. I rode the quad into Quartzsite to the post office and to buy some bananas. It was 77 out today. Very nice. Of course Bella went on her lizard hunts a couple of times too..............Yesterday, 2/10, Dan and I went on a short quad ride. We drove to Piddle Hill (our friend Sonja named this hill for obvious reasons, lol lol) and looked for crystals. We did find some clear crystals but they weren't too big. That's ok. At least we found some. We did find lots of "wanna be" crystals. It was very warm out and it was a good ride. Took some sandwiches and oranges for a snack and plenty of water and diet tea.

A very, very tiny yellow flower.
My sister Christine in Bremerton, WA sent me a picture of my car covered with snow. So I sent her one of the sun. hahahahahahahaha...(My car stays in Bremerton while we are hanging out in Quartzsite.)
View of a mine in the side of the hill. A saguaro cactus in the foreground.
Looks like this jet came right out of the top of the hill. Blast off!
Nice view looking east. Way out in the background is where we are camped. About 6 miles away.
Our filthy, dusty quad with the mine on the hillside in the background
Another nice view looking south east
Dan at Piddle Hill ready to go hunt for crystals.
Another view of Piddle Hill
Cool looking ocotillo cactus
Saguaro cactus
A family of saguaros
Cool very tiny purple flower
A couple of sunset pictures
Bella is on her leash in this picture. She has to be on it after sunset. She doesn't mind the leash at all.

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