Sunday, March 16, 2014

Beatty RV Park, heading north

We are now in Beatty, NV at Beatty RV Park. I believe this is the 7th time we've been here. Its a real nice "mom and pop" park and a good stopping place for us seeing as we don't drive very far in a day. :-) We were gonna stay here two days but decided to stay an extra day. We are heading north and gonna go through Tonopah, NV and Tonopah has wind advisories. Don't wanna be driving when the wind has 45mph wind gusts. Good thing we're not in a hurry. We might spend a night at the rest area near Tonopah. Maybe. Then head to Hawthorne, NV for a few days. Might take the quad out and go riding.

Here is Dan and Bella going for a walk in Desert Eagle RV Park.

Our "spot" at Beatty RV Park
Bella LOVES it here. First thing she seen was a lizard when we took her outside. She has also seen her first cotton tail bunny. I think she liked that seeing as they are so much smaller then the jackrabbits she has chased.
Wild burros across the road from us. They sure can get loud!

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