Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Desert Eagle RV Park, Nellis AFB

Getting the new landing legs on the front of our rig. We spent 5 hours at Affordable RV Repair. Now we don't have to block the rig up on one side with blocks anymore. I didn't like that. Scary. Anyway, new landing legs and motors. WOOHOO! We'll spend a few days here in the Nellis AFB RV park now just chillin'. Bella has been climbing trees and we can let her out without her leash because when the jets fly over us, she just heads to the door. We go outside in between jets. LOL LOL LOL.....The special stuff with all the jets ends today so the sky traffic might not be as busy. That will be good for Bella and good for us when we're trying to hear our TV..........Its interesting being on a military base again. I was outside with Bella at 4:30 one day and could hear a bugle play and then the National Anthem started playing over the loud speakers. It was retreat. It was colors. I worked 25 years for the Navy and I guess it was instilled into me as what this meant. I hadn't heard this since I retired back in 2005. As soon as I heard the music, I stopped (thank goodness Bella was good and stopped too by sitting on our doorstep) and turned towards the music and stayed in place until it was over. It was just interesting to have that happen after all these years.

Here is our rig being worked on. Fixing the big ouch it had.

New landing legs!!!!!
Our place in the RV park.
Just another view of our parking spot. You can see all the room between people's spots and its a very long spot.
Bella has been climbing this tree. #1 champion tree climber. :-)

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