Friday, April 25, 2014

Bremerton....May 2014

We are now back in Bremerton, WA parked in my mom's yard for the summer. Always nice to see family and our parking spot is always ready for us. Lucky to have this place to park because Bremerton doesn't have anywhere else to go. We sure couldn't live in the Walmart parking lot all summer. LOL LOL.........Its been raining, of course, since we've been here but now it seems to be off and on. Bella has been liking being outside here again, in between rain showers, and has been exploring where she was last summer. We'll be carrying peanuts in our pockets when taking her outside as the squirrels are hanging around. She loves chasing them. No more lizards for awhile. Things are starting to bloom in the yard.

The lilacs are starting to bloom. I can't wait for them to be in full bloom as they smell so good.

Some blossoms on two different apple trees.

I'm standing in the back of the orchard looking at our rig. On the left are the blueberry bushes and they are loaded with blossoms. Might be a REAL good crop of blueberries.

Dan out and about in the orchard. It was cold out but it actually wasn't raining right at the moment. The sun was out for awhile then a big black cloud would show up and it would rain. Strange weather. Muther nature was totally confused.
Here is Tucker. He is the cat the was living on my mom's property last summer. He now lives in mom's house and is a very happy cat as hes found a nice place to live again. We never could find out why he was living in the woods or who abandon him.

Bella and Dan out exploring in the woods.

Bella has been trying to make friends again with Tucker. After I took this picture, Tucker decided not to hiss at her so much and played with her.
Here is a good picture of my Mom. :-)
My great-niece Gracie came to visit and eat dinner with us.
GG (great-grandma) and Grace having a conversation at dinner.
My sister Christine sitting and her friend Denise. Denise helps take of our Mom and does chores around the house.

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