Thursday, May 01, 2014

Been busy and had some fun too. Me and Dan and Christine went to The Point Casino for a buffet then to see AbbaFab, a band that sings all ABBA songs. You can find them on Face Book or just google them. They were most excellent..........We're finally getting some nice days so we cleaned out my Mom's garage to make room for our quad.

What do you see in this picture besides our quad not being in our garage? Blue skies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our quads new home for the summer. At the back of the garage taking second place to the riding lawnmower. lol lol
One of the lilac bushes in the yard. They smell so good.

A couple more pictures of big boy Tucker chillin' in the shade.

This little guy is the only squirrel we've seen since being here and hes not shy at all. He was checking me out waiting for a handout.
I gave him a peanut.
I was out of the chair and on my way back to sit down when I seen him laying flat behind the chair. Looked like he was trying to make himself invisible. It was funny. I stood still and watched him, camera ready.
The peanuts were laying on the chair.
LOL LOL. He found them!
Nothing else happening right now.

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