Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2014 Memorial Weekend

Memorial Day has come and gone. Dan's daughter Audrey and his grands came over to my Mom's house for the weekend. It was a good weekend. Only rained a little bit so we weren't trapped inside very much. Just hung out at the house and did stuff outside. Its always busy busy with kids. Just did some picture taking, so here they are.

Here is sister Christine and Mom. Great picture!
Dan giving Bella and Tucker nummies (treats). Bella knows the word nummie. Tucker knows its treats when we shake the treat bag.
They won't share nummies, so you see one cat at one end of the bench and the other cat at the other end. Too funny.
Dan trying on his new hoodie that Audrey and kids bought him for his upcoming birthday. He decided he wanted a bigger one so we'll be exchanging it.
Dan and his grands, Nicholas and Tiffany, and Audrey out playing a game in the orchard. My pictures are just a little blurry because I used my phone to take the next three pictures.

Bella is sitting in the bushes waiting for something to move. We think there is a mouse or two in there.
Tiffany not wanting her picture taken. Oh well.
My Mom looking all perky and happy in her new lounger.
Christine feeding weenie dog Max whatever is in the bowl. Mom looking on in the background.
Dan's oldest grand, Caleb.
Son Jason playing on the PS2 in our rig. He came over for Sunday dinner.
All packed into our living room playing PS2.
Jason taking over my chair, which he always does.
Dan has emptied everything out of the front of our rig by the left front landing leg. If you read my blog we had new landing legs installed when we were in Las Vegas, NV. Well, now we have a broken landing leg again. Dan said that the mounting bracket for the motor  broke. GRRRRRR. Another thing on the "to do" list this summer. He is gonna call the place in Las Vegas and tell them what happened and we'll go from there I guess. Anyway, everything is all cleared away from where he or someone else will have to work on the problem.

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