Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pre summer days

While its been nice out, I've been walking around the yard with my camera taking some flower pictures. This flower has been in my blog several times. We call it the "Christine Plant" named after my sister when she brought it home when she was a little girl. Its actually in the Hollyhock family. It just keeps coming back every year.

Looking across the orchard at our rig. Blueberry bushes, 4 tomato plants, and the garage that is a gazillion years old and leaning.
Hopefully we are gonna have lots of tomatoes this summer.
I've forgotten what some of the flowers are called and am too lazy to go look them up, so its "name that flower"................
This rhododendron is across the street from Mom's house. No one lives in this house and it looks real tacky cause its all overgrown.

"Name that flower"
We use the bucket at night to water the tomatoes and keep it filled with fresh water. Tucker and Bella drink out of it all the time.
Bella climbing up in the Dogwood tree.
Bella is getting ready to jump into Dan's arms. Sometimes she even higher up in the tree and will jump right down to him or me.
Bella and Dan just hanging out. Mom's house used to be on an acre. Now its on a 1/2 acre. This easement driveway used to be part of a HUGE garden. I personally don't like having the two houses on the back half of what used to be Mom's land. I liked having the woods there with no people. But, crap happens.
My Mom's house where I grew up. You can see our rig parked next to the house. The neighborhood used to be nice and quiet. Now the road even has a speed bump. If time could have stood still I would have been very happy for it to have stopped on Ivy Road back in the late 50's. The house was in the woods, the road wasn't busy, and neighbors were very few in the area. Looking at the house from this angle it doesn't look very big, but its 4 bedrooms with a full basement. Its an old house that was remodeled when I was 14 (a long time ago). I believe its the only house on the street that has a basement. Maybe.

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