Wednesday, May 07, 2014

May VA appointment

And, so life goes on. We've both started our doctor appointments. My first one was to get a cortisone shot in my shoulder and one in the muscle on the side of my left knee. Doctor says I have bursitis. I sure do feel better. Dan has started his first VA appointments. We came home early this year as the VA is so slow for getting things done. His most important appointment is for his back. Everything concerning this appointment should be done before the end of the summer if everything goes right.

Going to the VA in Seattle is mostly always a nightmare. Its always hard to find a parking place and now its worse because a parking garage is being built. We decided to walk on the ferry to Seattle and then take a taxi to the VA. It would cost more then paying ferry fare for the truck but we figured it would be worth it not to travel through morning rush hour traffic and fight to find a place to park. We walked to the front of the Seattle ferry terminal to where taxi cabs would be. This young man in a suit was trying to drum up customers for his business. He has two VERY nice Lincoln Town Cars and told us he'd get us to the VA for cheaper then the taxi driver could. (His cousin is operating the other car.) Ok fine. I already had looked up the taxi fares so I'd know if he was cheaper or not. His car was so clean and so plush and he provided bottled water. He didn't drive like a "bat out of hell" like most ALL taxi drivers do. We had a nice ride to the VA and he charged us about 10 bucks less, including tip, then a taxi driver would have charged. Cool. We were so impressed with him that we called him later in the day to come pick us up and take us back to the ferry. I sure hope this young man makes a go of his business because we'll use him again for the next VA appointment. So, it was a good day.

Just normal stuff happening here at home. Mom's doctor appointments/getting propane/grocery shopping/etc. We went to Sears and bought two new truck batteries. It was that time as we've had the current batteries for 5 or 6 years. Slowly gonna start working on our rig. Washing windows/washing the outside of the rig/caulking/general maintenance/etc. Oh, and when we got new landing legs installed on the front of our rig in Las Vegas, they messed up the left leg so we now have a problem with it. GRRRRRR.......Its always something. And, so life still goes on. Ya just deal with it.

Been taking a few pictures around the yard again except for the first two.

Here is our ferry, the Kitsap, coming into Seattle.
This ferry is heading out to Bainbridge Island.
Flower pictures are always good. Wish you could smell the lilacs.

Bella sitting on a big branch of one of the apple trees in the orchard.
Pretty, pretty, pretty.
There is a hole in the apple tree that holds water. Bella is getting herself a drink.
This is the neighbors tree across the street from Mom's house. I'm not sure what its called but Dan wanted to take some pictures of it.

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