Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mothers Day

Mothers Day has come and gone. Dan and I went with my mom, his mom, my son Jason, my sister Christine, and our friend Denise and her granddaughter Betty to the Clearwater Casino. We went to the buffet, ate and then Denise left with her grand. Then we played the slots for awhile. It was a good day..........Christine and I took Dan's mom back home as Dan wasn't feeling well. Now things are back to everyday life around here. The weather has turned nice and me and Dan are loving that. Probably won't last long but its nice for now. The tomatoes I have are loving the sun. I transplanted them from small containers to bigger ones. If all four plants grow really good, we'll have a ton of tomatoes. Maybe I should learn how to make catsup.

Jason standing behind his grandma helping her play the slot machine. With her Alzheimer's she has forgotten how to play the machine. Jason or I would tell her when to push the right button and she'd do it. This machine has a lot of animation and she liked that. She had fun. Thank you Jason for being so patient with your grandma.

Dan's mom playing the slots.
Dan and Bella hanging out on mom's front porch.
Tucker and Bella hanging out on the back porch.
Just one of Christine's many chores around the house. She keeps the lawn mowed and looking good.
Tomatoes. Hoping to have lots of tomatoes.

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