Sunday, June 08, 2014

2014 Monroe day 2

I missed Bella sleeping on my pillow with me. My warm, little grey fur ball. So without my normal Bella chores its time to rise and shine and drink my Starbucks latte. Oh YUM! I'm so glad there are two Starbucks close by. And, YES! The sun is shining! Should be a good day for Nick's baseball game and BBQ later. I have all the makings for a pasta salad and I'll be putting that together later at Audrey's house.

We have arrived at the ballpark. Audrey is score keeper and Dan is getting a morning hug from Amelia.
 Nicholas in the center of the picture practicing before the game. As you can probably tell, its gonna be a nice day.
 Good picture of Dan's oldest grand Caleb.
 Dan volunteered to be the umpire for the game. Here he is brushing off home plate for Nicholas.
 And Nicholas is up at bat.
 WOOHOO! He got a hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 And here he is up at bat again. Hes a good hitter. He smacked the ball good. Dan sure loved being the ump.
 And here he comes running to home plate.
 Dan the famous umpire for the day! :-)
Tia chatting up Dan through the fence. They are always laughing and cracking up when I snap their picture together.
Dan's son Andrew with a very sleepy Amelia.
Dan the man. Umpire of the day. It was real different to see the interaction between Dan the ump and Nicholas the player instead of Papa and Grand.
After the game Amelia and Tiffany were chillin' on a blanket sucking on some suckers.
Amelia and her Auntie Audrey.
Dan and grand Tiffany. She sure loves her Papa.
Dan "manned" the BBQ. I only took a few pictures at the BBQ. It was successful and it looked like everyone had a good time.
Dan's other grand Ryan showed up with his Dad John. Cool. Hes a great kid and we don't get to see him as much as the other grands.

John and Ryan came to the motel after the BBQ and took advantage of the pool and hot tub.
The guys kicking back in the hot tub. Ryan, John, Dan.

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