Friday, June 06, 2014

2014 Monroe

We are in Monroe, WA for 3 nights. Dan's son, Andrew/wife Tia/grand Amelia are flying in from Tampa, FL. Andrew's twin, Audrey, lives in Monroe, so we are all gathering here. We have Dan's mom, Mary, with us too.............I'm actually missing Bella. We tried to take her for a walk before we left and she knew something was up and didn't wanna go. I guess we're gonna disrupt her life for a few days. She is such a regimented cat and she likes her schedule.

So, for our first day away from our Bella we picked up Dan's mom in Maple Valley. Dan drove from Bremerton to Maple Valley and I drove from Maple Valley to Monroe. Awful traffic! The Seattle and surrounding area traffic SUCKS! Arrived at the Guesthouse Inn and Suites, got checked in, unpacked and waited for Dan's kids to show up. When they got here we walked across the parking lot to Alfy's Pizza for dinner. Then we came back to the inn and all the kids went swimming in the indoor pool. Dan hung out in the hot tub. I think everyone had a good time. It was good to see Andrew, Tia, and Amelia.

Took a couple of flower pictures while waiting for the family. Here are some hydrangeas.
Here is a yellow flower. LOL LOL.....I know my brother John will tell me the name of this. :-)
Dan patiently waiting for the family
Here comes part of the family
Amelia playing a video game in Alfy's Pizza
Audrey sitting in the pizza place looking pretty. :-)
Amelia, Nicholas, Caleb, and Papa Dan
 Dan's daughter-in-law, Tia
 Dan's son, Andrew
 Amelia and Papa
 Dan's mom, Mary
 Dan's grand, Tiffany
 Amelia, Audrey, Tiffany, Nicholas, and Caleb

 I made Dan hide his belly and man boobs. Tia is cracking up. :-)
 Dan and his mom telling secrets
 Amelia, Tiffany, and Audrey, water babies
 Andrew, his grandma Mary, and Dan. They are discussing Andrew's shaved head.

 Caleb and Nicholas in the water. Tiffany, Audrey, and Tia standing up.
I think all the kids love the water. I know that Dan sure loves the hot tub. This isn't a bad motel. We have a king suite with two king beds, fridge, microwave, and coffee maker. Usual stuff but nice. Big bathroom. I made reservations here because the pool and hot tub are indoors. We would probably stay here again.

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