Monday, June 09, 2014

2014 Monroe, last day

Last day in Monroe, then heading home. Dan's uncle Paul came to visit. We hadn't seen him for quite awhile. He took Dan and Mary, Dan's mom, out for ice cream, visited some more, then took off. We just hung out in the motel room until all the kids and grands showed up. They came wearing swim suits so you can take a guess where we headed. Of course to the pool and hot tub. After swimming we headed out to eat some Italian food, came back to the motel, visited some more, then they all left.........When we leave here we will be going into Seattle to the VA so Dan can get some blood work done, chest x-rays, and EKG. All that fun stuff. Then we'll take his mom home so we can get home to our Bella. Sure will hate going into all that Seattle traffic. That SUCKS! But, ya do what ya gotta do.

I forgot to put this picture on the last blog entry. Tiffany does love her Papa.
Amelia trying to splash her Papa in the hot tub.

Audrey "kid watching" and thinking that the pool is too cold.
Audrey and Dan chatting up Nicholas in the cold pool.
Caleb hanging out in the hot tub.
Amelia and Caleb
Little water wing girl Amelia hanging out with Papa
Smiling Tia and tongue sticker outer Andrew, Dan's son
Amelia and Tiffany, cousins. They loved being BFF's in the hot tub

Amelia and Tia having a mommy and daughter moment
Caleb trying to pull his mom into the cold water
Off we go to the Italian restaurant. It was a very short walk.

Coming back from the restaurant full of Italian food. Dan, his mom, and Andrew.

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