Saturday, June 28, 2014


Not much going on. Just living and doing is a good way to put it. Dan is in the process of clearing out stuff under the front of our 5th wheel in the storage compartment. He needs access to the where the landing legs are attached. One of the legs is having a problem. He had ideas of what was wrong. One side didn't seem to be installed right. Like it was "just off". Kind of a "mickey mouse" installation. So, it came apart. GRRRRRRR.

We went to another d-derby out at the local fairgrounds. This derby raised money for cancer awareness. Wasn't a bad derby this time. Sometimes I find them boring. Dan sure loves them though!

Only one picture this time. Tucker and Bella were playing here. This is some real lazy playing. Let just lay on our sides and swat at each other. Too funny!
Took all these pictures on our trip to the Seattle VA (Veterans Administration). Just some scenery pictures. Dan's appointment wasn't going very good when the doctor started telling him that he wasn't gonna get anymore shots in his back for pain. He told Dan that he would have to learn to live with the pain. Dan's memory is kind of in the toilet and he doesn't remember stuff that he should. I could see him struggling with himself needing to say something to the doctor. Well, what the doctor told him didn't go over very well with me. Come hell or high water, Dan was gonna get the shots in his back and have some quality of life without too much pain. I told the doctor, "well, that just sucks". I know he didn't expect to hear me say that. I told him that the shots will work for Dan if he takes it easy and is careful in his lifting, etc. I told him that Dan HAD to have the shots because now he is laying around most of the day like he is dead and that sucked too. Dan is gonna get his shots. Guess me being mouthy paid off this time! And I was totally floored that this doctor was only an anesthesiologist, not a spine doctor. Whats up with that? Dan will forget, but I'll be asking the spine doctor that we like about this. The VA REALLY makes me mad. No wonder they are in trouble.

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