Saturday, July 05, 2014

Happy 4th of July yesterday. lol lol...........It was a good day even though it sprinkled for awhile. It eventually cleared up and it was all good. We had about 18 people here at my Mom's house for dinner and big booms and pretties. I believe everyone had a good time. I was happy when I could put my umbrella away. I mostly used it because I had my camera hanging from my neck and didn't want it to get wet. We had ribs, beans, potato salad, watermelon, deviled eggs, my homemade banana bread, my homemade blueberry muffins, chips, cheese/meat plate, and I can't think of what else. It was all very yummy.

Dan and Bella chillin'. Bella is just waiting for something to move in the stickers in front of her. She thinks something is there and we've heard movement in there too. I love how she just chills in her chair. This was her last outing before all the July 4th booms really started. The rest of the afternoon and night she was in our rig safe and sound.

These pictures are all of our July 4th gathering in at my Mom's house. Sister Christine, Phil, nephew Ray.

My son Jason and one of Christine's "fellas" Shawn. She works with people with disabilities.
My niece Melinda giving her grandma a massage. I really think my Mom was liking this. :-)
A really neat wooded flag that Christine bought for me and Dan. You can see that my flamingo is dressed for the holiday but its still chilly at night, so shes wearing her muffler. lol lol lol
Jason unloading his ATV so he can pop long wheelies out in the street just to make my heart race. Hes actually a good wheelie popper.
My nephew Ray taking a spin. No wheelies for him.

Jason taking my great-nephew Draven for a ride.
Jason and Melinda goofing around. I wanted them to recreate a picture I took of them when they were about 2 years old. Melinda was on a tricycle and Jason wanted the trike too. Melinda was turning around and trying to push a crying Jason off the back. It was a "Kodak moment" about 38 years ago. When I locate the old picture I'm gonna post them side by side on Facebook. They couldn't quit laughing in this picture. At least in the other picture Melinda is trying to look mean and Jason is trying to look like hes crying. Fun fun fun.

Jason on his toy
Dan lighting off a roman candle.
Everyone was sitting around the fire pit watching the fireworks being set off in the road.
My niece Jennifer and her fiance Phil.
Sister Christine, neighbor Donna, and my Mom being silly.
Lighting off some fireworks.
It got pretty smokey.
The view from across the street.
Jason and my nephew-in-law Steve put steel wool on a stick, lit it on fire, and made lots of pretties.

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