Sunday, June 15, 2014


I've had computer withdrawals. I was finally able to take my laptop to the Geek Squad at Best Buy and let them fix it. They discovered that 3 games that I had bought about 6 years ago had a virus attached to each one of them when I reloaded them onto my laptop. Not too sure how that happened. GRRRRRRR. I really liked playing one of them and I sure won't be reloading them onto my laptop again. The Geek Squad kept my laptop for three days. That was 2 days too long. LOL LOL LOL.....Anyway, its nice to have it back and all cleaned up.

This was really fun. We went with sister Christine and her friend Denise. We took our great-nephews, Dravin and Mason, and Denise took her grands, Betty and Sterling. A couple of the fishing clubs in Kitsap County put this on for the kids. For $7.50 you get a free t-shirt, a water bottle, a fishing pole(the one you use to fish), and a small back pack. Each kid is allowed to catch 2 trout. I think they had fun doing this.

Dan, Mason, Draven, and Christine getting their free stuff.
Here is a picture of the first group of little fishing people. Our kids were in the second group.
Dan at the edge of Island Lake.
Draven standing. Mason and Betty and Sterling.
The kids listening to the Sheriff talking about water safety.
Christine and Denise watching the guys in orange bait the hooks and casting out for the kids.
They were so good at holding their poles while waiting their turn. They were all told to hold their pole up in front of them.
One of the fish Mason caught. It was pretty good sized.
A happy Draven with one of his fish.
Sterling and Dan standing in line at the fish cleaning station. Volunteers cleaned the fish.
Thank goodness it didn't rain when the kids were fishing. The next day it poured and poured. It did stop raining long enough to take Bella out for a short walk. She hates the wet after living in the desert. Its funny to watch her kind of tip toe through the wet grass.

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