Tuesday, August 12, 2014

PT fair

I just know that someone is gonna tell me what kind of flower this is. We found this little plant sitting on a picnic table in Rochester, WA when we were camped near the casino there. It looked like it needed some love, so we took it with us. Its been kind of dormant and I was thinking it was just gonna stay that way. We've been watering it and Dan gave it some fertilizer and all of a sudden, almost overnight, it had this pretty flower blooming. It opened during the day and closed at night. After a few days the flower fell off. Right now it has lots of buds on it. What is it?

Here is one of our tomato plants. This is one that my brother John gave my mom. Its called Bella and is LOTS of cherry tomatoes on it. They sure taste good!

We took some time to attend the Jefferson County Fair in Port Townsend. Stayed the night at The Belmont, an old hotel in Port Townsend we don't like driving at night anymore. This was a pretty cool bouncy house. You would get inside the big ball and the ball was floating on water. You could walk or roll around on the water. Interesting. I've never seen anything like it.
Here is our friends, Chris and Connie, concession. They come to the fair every year and pictures like this have been on my blog many times. Both Dan and I have worked in their concession. Its HARD work.

A couple pictures of the mud drags. They weren't very good this year. Real poor planning.

Our friend's, Rusty and Debbie, came to the fair to see us. We hadn't seen them in about 3 years and that was in Tucson, AZ. They have since moved back to Port Townsend.
Dan just couldn't stay out of the concession. While I was perfectly happy sitting outside the concession and visiting with Rusty and Debbie and people watching, Dan just had to get inside and crank out some curly fries.
And here comes Connie, going back to work cooking all the good food they sell.
Now we're back home. Back to our "normal". My son Jason is coming over tonight to cook meatballs. Yum. He'll be bringing his new "squeeze" Jenny with him. They are so cute together. She makes Jason smile and laugh and be goofy.


Dawn White said...

Hi Patty,
That beautiful flower you found is a hibiscus. Very prevalent in warmer sub tropical settings. We have numerous ones down here in southern California. I wonder how that one ended up in your neck of the woods ? Very beautiful aren't they ? They come in several different colors.

Patty, Dan, Bella, and Bonehead in spirit said...

Thanks for the input Dawn. We were traveling back to Bremerton, WA and I found the plant looking very lonesome on a picnic table. Someone didn't want it anymore. It must have been traveling too. Maybe from California. If it comes from warmer weather, maybe I should keep it inside until we travel back to Arizona.