Saturday, November 01, 2014

More La Paz

Still at La Paz County Park. Its WINDY out. So far our satellite dish is OK. We drove the quad to the swap meet here in the park and spent a couple of hours looking around at all the stuff. Then we cruised around the park and went into the RV park. They have spots you can park right on the Colorado River. But they cost 60 bucks and 55 bucks a night. Not for us. And your neighbor is right there. Right there close to you. Typical RV park where people like to "nest". Be near other people. That is not for us if we can help it.

I put my Area 51 sticker on the back of our rig.
We seen the Schwans guy in the park and Dan bought some regular fudge cycles and some sugar-free fudge cycles. Yum. :-)
Dan and Bella hunting down a lizard.
Pretty cool tree with our rig in the background. We are the only ones in the group section right now. I guess after we leave, there will be 250 people here for some big gathering.
Looking back at our rig from the tennis courts.
And me and Bella chillin' at the tennis courts.
Got the quad out to go for some short putts.
You can see Bella up on the table chillin'.
Yes! This is the way it should be. LOL LOL LOL
Looking south on the Colorado River.
Looking straight across into California.
And looking north..........
Cool palm trees in the park.
Looking north again.....
Just a road in the park. We were out putting on the quad.
The road back to our home which you can see in the distance on the left side of the picture.
LOL LOL......Bella is thinking of climbing this tree.
And there she goes, up up up...........
Very cool trees to play on.

After a hard day of playing outside.

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