Sunday, November 30, 2014


Today is the last day of November. Man oh man how time flies. Christmas is up next. Been taking some pictures. Oh. Talking about pictures. I have lost my small camera somewhere. Its not in the black hole of our 5th wheel. Sure hoping I didn't accidentally drop it out in the desert when walking Bella. Sometimes I carry it inside my "Bella walking pack" so I don't have to carry my big camera. My "Bella walking pack" is camera, chap stick, toilet paper(lol), something to drink, and phone. I'll have to "shoulder" my Nikon now if I wanna take pictures or use my phone.

Took a ride into town on the quad yesterday, Dan and Bella stayed home, so I could go look at a holiday craft fair and stop by one of the local grocery stores. This is part of my route. I'm in the dry wash, Tyson Wash, looking north at I-10. I'll be driving under the freeway.
Looking north at Main Street in Quartzsite. I don't drive under this when going into town. I turn right before the overpass.
My right turn off putting slowly up this little hill so as not to send dust flying into the business that allows people to use this shortcut.
I end up at Silly Al's Pizza. Other businesses are on the right and also the local thrift store. To the left is Main Street. I go left and ride the pavement to wherever I'm going.
Here is Dan's new Hibiscus, big "H", plant. Its a pink varias hibiscus. Dan brought it back to life just by watering it. This is how it looked last night.

And this is how it looked this morning. Sure is a pretty pink.

Here is Dan's little "H" with a nice bud on it. Just waiting for it to bloom.

My sister Christine sent me a picture of my car being very sad and lonesome in the cold weather and snow. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. This is in Bremerton at my Mom's house where we park for the summer.
Sunset last night. Some high clouds mixed in with vapor trails from the jets going overhead.

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