Friday, November 28, 2014

Q 2014 After turkey day

While out playing with Bella I almost stepped on this little guy. This is only the second horned toad that we've seen out here. Bella wasn't interested but I wanted some pictures. He didn't put up a fuss about having his picture taken. Got my pictures and then Dan placed him back in a safe place and he went about his business. I got on the Internet when we came back inside and found this info about him. Interesting.

"The "horned toad" is not a toad. It's really a lizard that is known by many names such as horn toads, horned lizards and horny toads. They look rather frightening and evil with pointy thorn-like projections all over their body. But these creatures are docile and completely harmless. They resemble miniature dragons that could related to the dinosaur age. Maybe they are. Ancient artifacts that are thousands of years old have been discovered inscribed with images of the horned lizard.
Horny toads are relatively small lizards but their fierce appearance is a defensive benefit against some predators. Hawks, owls and snakes could be a bit apprehensive about eating something that looks so dangerous. When threatened they will inflate their bodies and hiss making them appear larger and even more frightening. Some species can even shoot a stream of blood from the corners of their eyes. A hungry coyote may well have second thoughts about having a horny lizard for dinner."

I think, in my opinion, the last picture I posted of the sign that said, "Slow No Dust" was stupid. You can't drive in the desert without making some dust. This is my sign and I feel that its NOT stupid. In my opinion and from what I've observed, the people that stay for long periods of time here in the desert are mostly respectful of how fast they drive by your rig. They are all "dust wise". The people who are here for a few days to a couple of weeks DO NOT care if they send LOTS of dust your way and they DO NOT care that you might have animals out in YOUR "air space" around your rig. Bella is outside with us most of the time, so I made a sign telling people we have a cat in "our" area. It probably won't work cause some people are just plain dickheads. (That's the nicest word I could think of.) Guess we'll see if my sign does any good. All done with my "rant" now. LOL LOL LOL

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