Monday, December 08, 2014

12/14 "moon" quad ride

OMG! We were out walking Bella in the desert and she walked by a bush and a big rattler hissed REAL LOUD at her. I yelled at her "No Bella" "get away" and she moved on and I followed her to keep her moving. Dan took his "snake remover stick" and walked it away, about 1/2 mile. There was NO WAY I was gonna try and take a pic but I seen how big it was when Dan was walking away with it. It was about 3 1/2 feet. Good thing Bella is about 99% obedient. Its still warm enough here to warrant us REALLY watching her when out walking. That was just too much excitement. Excitement that I sure don't want. Now we really keep an eye on her by checking out the bush before she does. I'll be glad when the snakes start to hibernate.

Now for the pictures.........Bella got a present in the mail. She had to check it out while Dan opened it. My friend Dawn sent her some nummies. She was very curious about the box. She knew what the package was when Dan took it out of the box. Her favorite nummies.

Yummy nummies
Thank you Dawn for my nummies.
Dan's little "H" finally bloomed again. I believe it went dormant for awhile and I think it just "woke up" under the right conditions. It would be too cool if the big "H" and little "H" would bloom at the same time.

We went for a quad ride with 5 couples and one single. Dan was the leader. This is us going out of La Posa North, crossing hwy 95 to meet up with everyone.
LOL LOL LOL. They are all lined up waiting for the fearless leader, Dan.
Taking a picture over my shoulder of everyone following us. We're cruising along in Tyson Wash.
Looking ahead to Main Street in Quartzsite. Gonna go under this overpass.
We traveled through the dry wash and several quad trails to the Sunset Marble Mine.
This is a fully functional mine. We took the quad trail to the left, traveling along the fence line.
Here come some of our group.
This is a view of a huge rock pyre sitting on top of the hill in the distance. Don't know who built it, but its a good landmark. Just for fun go to Google and key in "images for rock pyre". The 1st and 5th pictures are a rock pyre that my oldest son built. The 2nd and 3rd pictures are ones that I took of Dan and the view he was looking at.
There are three mountain sheep in the next several pictures. You'll have to click on each picture to make it bigger in order to see them really good. They weren't afraid of us at all. They just went about their mountain sheep business.

Here we are parked at an old mine, along with some other rigs/people that were there, right below where the mountain sheep are. In the side of the hill are holes where people used to work this mine.
I turned around and took a picture looking out southwest. Out there is the Colorado River and California.
Turned back around to the mine. Here is one entrance. You can see Dan standing above the entrance. Him and another guy just had to go explore this mine shaft. He said they went in until the ran into some bats and the air wasn't very good.
Hi Dan!

Some of the holes that the miners went into.
Looking out to the main mine on the side of the hill to the right.
Two pictures looking at the main mine buildings. We were all parked on the right side of this picture.

Leaving the mine. Taking the picture looking back of our followers and the rock pyre way in the distance.
A lone Saguaro and a pretty sad looking one.

This is our destination. We are now on the Colorado Indian Reservation. Just in case you get stopped for being on the reservation, Dan and I had gone to Parker, AZ to purchase the yearly 25 buck sticker so we could ride on the res. Dan and I have been here several times before. Dan named this place "The Moon" because of how different it looked from the rest of the desert I guess. It is strange looking.
The closer you get to "The Moon", the sandier it gets. The landscape changes drastically.

Here we all are, kind of in a sand bowl. When we started out for the day, it was overcast. By time we got here it was bright and sunny and hot. We ate our lunches here.
The other times Dan and I were here with other people we went to look for mica. This time we didn't. I've collected some mica. Its really thin and was hard to get it back home in one piece. The first picture was taken off the Internet. The next picture is of the mica that I picked up a couple of years ago. Its very fragile.

People doing some hill climbing in the soft sand. Looks like its not very high up there, but it really is. They had alot of fun doing this.

Just another view of "The Moon". To the right is a sand pyramid. Another landmark for finding this place.
We followed Tyson Wash all the way back to Quartzsite. Just before we saw this side of beef in the wash, a coyote ran in front of us. He was WAY too fast for me to get a picture.
More Tyson Wash going back to town. It was a very good ride.
Back home again. We haven't put up a Christmas tree since we've had Bella, but we did this time. Our last tree was smaller then this one and Bella could knock it over. This one she hasn't bothered at all, YET. LOL LOL.......We'll see what happens.
These are some of the crystals that I've picked up when out walking Bella. They really are clear. I just couldn't get a good picture of them but you get the idea. You can see them glistening on the ground when you are walking towards the sun. My friend Sonja showed me how to find real crystals, not just "wanna be" crystals. I have lots of "wanna be" crystals too. They are not all the way clear. I figure I'll give some of them a home because I sure won't be around MANY MANY years from now when they become clear!

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