Monday, November 03, 2014

Arriving at Q

We have left the county park and on our way to Quartzsite, AZ for who knows how long. We don't know yet. Its windy. Hope its not windy for very long.
We stopped at the La Posa North ranger station and paid our $180 so can camp in "our spot" until April 15th. We won't be here that long this time, but we have stayed past the 15th before. After we paid we headed south on this dirt road for about a mile. This is a dead end road and we are at the very end.

Soon as Dan stopped the truck and opened the truck door, Bella was out so fast that we belly laughed. We both know that she "knew where she was". She only seen one lizard but she didn't really care. She was more into walking and checking out all the trees and bushes. Places she had been before. After Dan got our rig set up, we both worked on cleaning the rig inside before we took Bella out for her official first walk. Here is a view of home when we out walking Bella.

Bella is sitting under a tree that she likes. All the wood we stashed last season is still here.

OK. We're kind of back in a routine already. We just came in from taking Bella for a night walk. She was almost spastic with excitement. We just stayed real close to our rig as the ground is really messed up and uneven from the summer monsoons and high winds. No broken ankles tonight.

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