Sunday, December 14, 2014

12/14 misc pics

Just adding some scenery pictures. We had the end of a storm roll in from southern California. It gave us some rain, wind, and lots of clouds. It was really gloomy out. This is what is left of the clouds after the sun finally came back out.

Home sweet home

Dan and Bella chillin' while out walking.
 Bella had a little bit of a scare when she and a tree didn't see eye to eye. Not really sure what happened but I seen her getting ready to jump up to climb and I think she ran into a sticker branch and hurt her left paw so she lost her balance and fell about 5 feet back down to the ground. Startled her. She was more then happy to let Papa give her a ride for awhile. Look how shes really clinging to him with her paws.

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