Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12/14 new glasses

I drove to Parker to get my new glasses. I am SO happy to have new glasses. Tri-focals and I love them! Went shopping at Walmart then came home to resume our normal day.

I'm not positive about this flying bug but I think its a tarantula hawk. If it is, it does fly and it does sting. I couldn't get a real good picture of it as I was using my phone and didn't wanna get too close to it. You'll have to google it if ya wanna read about it. It was BUTT ugly and when it moved I sure moved too! Bella wouldn't go near it. She just sat way back watching. She must have sensed something bad about it.

A really cool picture of Bella sitting under a real gnarly tree.

I believe this is an ironwood tree. Its a good tree for her to climb.

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