Monday, December 29, 2014

12/29/14 Bella

Its still cold out at night and chilly during the day. I probably look like an Eskimo all bundled up when out walking Bella. Oh well. Gotta keep warm. I don't like being cold. Not much happening except daily chores and just hanging out............Here is Bella climbing on Bonehead's tree. It took her quite awhile to go back to the tree after seeing a rattle snake there. Shes been VERY cautious.
She likes looking down the hollow parts of the tree to see if anything is in there. When we were here in Quartzsite last snowbird season, she seen a big iguana in the hole. She had great fun watching that guy.
It has been cold so I put something warm on my flamingo. Stocking hat and muffler. LOL LOL LOL

Bella is still loving her newspapers. We got her some more so she could play in them. Shes buried under all the papers waiting for something to happen.
LOL LOL LOL........She is so funny with these papers. Our living room is full of crinkled up newspapers.

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