Wednesday, December 31, 2014

End of 2014

Last day of 2014. Ready to start a new year I guess. It is only 36 degrees out and there is a light dusting of snow in the hills surrounding us. We're about 879 feet elevation but some of the hills are close to 2000 feet. Gonna be a very cold day here in Quartzsite on the last day of the year. We have a north wind going on and with the cold temp, its gonna be quite a COLD day. Taking Bella outside for a walk will be BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR cold! Good thing I have my warm weather clothes from up home in Bremerton. Break out the warm hat, earmuffs, muffler, thermals, etc. LOL LOL......We are staying in tonight. This is the first year we won't be outside celebrating New Years Eve with a big fire and people. The people have scattered and its just gonna be too frickin cold out. We're gonna watch probably a movie and "Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve". Stay nice and warm. Anyway, Happy New Years Eve....................

Here is Bella on her old perch. She loves being up high. I can look eye level with her on the old perch. We bought her a new perch and it was lower then this one so Dan made it higher. He used the bottom part of the old perch and set the new perch on top of it. Now she sits up higher then I can see. She REALLY loves that!
Bella is watching Dan take the new perch out of the box. Shes always curious and always has to be in our business.
Oh boy! "I think this is mine!"
Testing out her claws.
"OK, I like this." LOL LOL LOL........Shes also "helping" her Papa.
OK, this is too low so its gonna get raised up.
The finished product. She can go up, up, up and hide in the cubby hole at the bottom. Dan drilled screws into the new perch to hold it onto the old perch bottom. He then took the cubby hole and drilled screws into it to hold the small platform into place. Now Bella won't have to jump so high and she still has her old hidey hole.
And it the hills had a dusting of snow around Quartzsite. Not too sure how high they are in elevation. I'm guessing around 2000 feet. Quartzsite is only 879 feet. I went outside early this morning with my camera freezing my butt off and took these pictures. BRRRRRRR......

The little bit of snow has melted. Its cloudy with the sun peeking out sometimes. Its only 41 degrees out right now (its 1:03pm) and its a little windy. Wind coming from the north so with the wind chill its COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bundled up and tried to take Bella out for a walk. She only lasted about 20 minutes outside. Don't think she liked the cold wind blowing up at her butt. She took off at a dead run from where we were and headed right to the front door of our rig. She got pets and nummies from Dan and now shes cat napping on the top of her new perch. We'll try for another walk later on today. Then Dan and I are gonna have some hot sausage/cabbage/potato/bean/onion soup. Homemade. YUM!

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