Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1/21/15 Skull Rock

Dan and I rode the quad into town and decided to attend the first day of the Big Tent. Found a parking place close to the entrance (pays to be on the quad). It wasn't NEAR as crowded as we expected it to be. Good thing cause we both don't like that "closed in" feeling. We went inside the tent to check out all the vendors. Dan was able to find some water filters for our rig and bought himself a new pillow made out of bamboo fiber.

Entrance to the Big Tent.
Our parking place.
Pictures from inside the big tent. In past years we've been in the tent and it was shoulder to shoulder.
Dan checking out his water filters.
Some more pictures of outside and inside the big tent.

I went for a quad ride with a bunch of people. Dan didn't go this time either as his restless leg problem has left his body aching and he didn't wanna risk a long ride to make it worse. It was about 70 miles round trip. Long ways on a quad. One bad thing about being the driver is that I can't take pictures while "on the move", so not too many pictures this time. I started pretty well bundled up. It was chilly. Seeing as I wasn't leading out front, Dan gave me his goggles to wear over my glasses. Cool. They worked great. (I left my goggles back home in storage. grrrrrrrrrr) Most of the miles driven were to get there and get back.
Some of the riders. I didn't know at least half of them.
Just a bunch of scenery pictures going into where skull rock is. Dan and I have been out in this area when most everything was in bloom. It was so green and pretty then. Here is a couple of web-sites of where we were.!2715&query=sitedetails  Interesting web-sites.

And here are my pictures of skull rock.

This is the ape head. Can you see it?
Dan big Hibiscus has two blooms on it. cool. First time for two at once.
Yeah yeah yeah, more then one flower picture. :-)

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