Sunday, January 04, 2015

1/4/15 Bella

It was A LOT warmer today, thank goodness. Still need to use the heater at night but not during the day. I think its still too cold though for the lizards to venture out. Bella seen a couple but they ran and hid so she didn't bother with them. She was all about tree climbing today. She was up really high in this tree. I just didn't happen to get a good shot of her. I love these gnarly ironwood trees.
She spent a lot of time in and around and up in this tree. Not too sure what she was peeking around the tree trunk at, but as long as she doesn't poof all up, its all good. There are several pack rat nests around the tree. She might have heard one of them.
She was looking out across the desert at a quad passing by. She doesn't mind our quad, but she she doesn't like any others. Guess she was making sure it was just gonna go on by and not come near her.

She thought something was down in the hole in the tree trunk. We made sure there wasn't a surprise down in the hole, like a snake, then she was OK to check it out.

Hmmmmm. Guess shes gonna take a look.
She really had her head in the hole in this pic! Shes too funny.
Took a picture of the sunset. It sure was a pretty one this time.

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