Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2/17/15 Leaving Quartzsite

Dan and I took a ride on the quad to one of our geocaches to do maintenance before we pull out of here. The cache was destroyed by the 2014 summer monsoons. We didn't wanna archive the cache because its a nice quad ride to go find it. Here are pictures of our "quad ride maintenance trip". Doing this for the benefit of my friend Dawn so we can "take her along" for the ride with us. :-) I'm putting some old pictures in here as well as the new ones. Please take note of the dates to know they are old pictures from my blog. They will be in bold print.

On the quad heading out into Tyson Wash.
Going under the overpass that is I-10. Always interesting to be able to go under.
Looking ahead to the overpass that is Main Street in Quartzsite.
Out of the wash and cruising along on Quail Trail Street.
Off the pavement and onto one of the trails that will take us to the cache.

Note, old pictures. After going down this little slope and onto the flat, open trail in the background of this above picture, back in 2009 we came across a small tortoise. We were going out to the cache on the same trail and came across this little tortoise walking in the middle of the trail. We stopped and took some pictures and Dan moved him off the trail for his own safety.

And away he goes.
Back to the present. We'll be going through this open fence line and taking a left to where the cache is.
Trail going into the cache. Lots of people have been to this cache as you can tell by the tire tracks.
OK. Back to old pictures. When we decided to put a geocache here, this is what this grand saguaro cactus looked like. We decided to name our cache "Count My Arms". Along with being a great place to put a cache, it was a great opportunity to see this wonderful cactus.

Standing under it just left me in awe and totally overwhelmed me just by knowing that this was a VERY old cactus. I think Dan and I were totally humbled by this cactus.
We came back out in February 2010 to check on the cache. We had heard that the big storm of January 2010 had knocked the cactus over. It was just so sad seeing it lying on it's side.
My friend Kathy, who helped place this cache, was feeling bad about seeing it this way.
A gentle giant taken down. January 2010 and February 16, 2015. "Before and after". Sad, sad, sad.

And, back to the present again. Here is where our geocache was hidden. I guess the water REALLY must have rushed through here because the snag is sitting higher then the wash and the cache still got wet, wet, wet.
Here is the old cache in the tin container.
After the cactus fell over, we renamed the cache "Count My Arms, R.I.P."
The old cache container. Everything inside it is wet and destroyed.
Dan with the new plastic container with screw on lid. Ready to place the cache.
Getting ready to head back home. It was hot out!
Heading back up through the open fence line on our way back home.

Cruising down Main Street towards the Post Office.

Silly Al's Pizza. A VERY popular place to go eat.
The dreaded Quartzsite Post Office. In this picture hardly anyone is there as its late in the day and the General Delivery ends at 1pm.

We stopped to get some ice cream on the way home.
Home sweet home for one more day and night. We shall miss our "spot" in the desert!


Dawn White said...

Thanks for the virtual tour Patty and Dan. Very interesting and I really enjoyed it even though, YOU REALLY ARE KILLING ME !!!

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