Wednesday, March 04, 2015


OK OK OK. I missed a couple of days. The weather has been CRAP here. Rain, some hail, wind, and COLD! Poor Dan has to put layers on and so does everyone else working outside. I haven't taken anymore picture. I did make some peanut butter cookies for the neighbor next to us and I made fudge. I'll be passing out fudge to some of the workers that I've known through the years that come here like Dan to work. I am going to lower the satellite dish on top of our rig. No reason for it to be up and get battered all night by the wind when we're not using it.

3/4/15.............OK, back to posting and satellite dish is back up. I was out and about delivering fudge to the workers that I know. They were all happy campers! I even got Bella to go outside this afternoon for a little while. In between jets taking off and landing.

This is a B-52. It was going right over our rig and looked like it was floating on air. It circled back around almost to the Las Vegas strip and came back east to the air base for a landing. After it touched down I seen a parachute deploy. I sure didn't expect to see that. Very cool. I asked Dan about it and he told me what it was, then I searched on the Internet and found it. I'd never seen a jet this size deploy a parachute.

I know this is a tanker that fuels the jets in mid-air. Its called a KC-135. Aside from asking Dan what the names of the jets are, I'm looking them up on the Internet.
On my last blog entry I didn't know the name of this jet. Well, I found out about it so I'm putting it on here again. Its called a B1-B Lancer long-range bomber. Cool..........I sure do love all these jets! I do feel bad for Bella though.

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