Monday, May 11, 2015

5/11/15 McCall, Idaho

We had a good travel day today from Weiser, Idaho to McCall, Idaho. Two lane sometimes windy road. Not much traffic so it was all good. No wind and no rain, although it was overcast the whole way. We had a couple of HUGE deer run out in front of us. Dan didn't see them right away but I did. I said, "Dan, deer" and he had time to slow down so as not to hit the butt end of the second one crossing the road. The third deer didn't cross in front of us. We were gonna stay at Zims Hot Springs in New Meadows, Idaho but they are in the process of getting things ready for Memorial Weekend. Good thing I called them. So, we went about 12 miles out of our way to this most wonderful RV resort. McCall RV Resort. Its SO quiet here and peaceful. We have a nice long space and although this place is full of trees, we are in a good space and our satellite dish works for fine. We both loved the big lodge. Its very rustic and spacious.

Inside the lodge. Lots of woodwork and a very cool fireplace.
Here is the outside of the fireplace/chimney.
Swimming pool, hot tub, steam room, exercise stuff, showers, etc.

LOL LOL LOL. At first Dan picked up the bigger dumb bells on the floor. NOT! He grabbed the little ones instead.
Oh sure. lol lol lol

Make the next two pictures bigger and you'll see the deer in the background. I didn't have my big zoom lens on. grrrrrrr....They were very young deer.

Home sweet home for the next 3 days. Maybe longer. Don't know yet.

Out cruising with Bella.
Getting into the big trees.
Here is Bella at the bottom of it.
Strange looking tree.
Dan and Bella checking out the strange looking tree.

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