Thursday, May 28, 2015

5/28/15 poster and fishing

This is what is happening while we are still here at the RV park. We are gonna volunteer and its gonna be fun. The farmer's market will also be happening here too. Just gonna write about some of the pictures.

Dan working in the curly fry wagon during the farmer's market.
I sat and watched the birdhouse for awhile trying to get some pictures. Could get only three to look half way decent.

Cool rainbow.
Connie and Chris took us fishing. Only Connie and Dan bought a license.
We were out in the middle of no where.

Chris chillin'.
HUGE tree!
All the do's and don'ts.
I liked this picture. Looks like my sister Christine's dog Max. Couldn't resist. :-)
More scenery pictures.

Dan fishing.
Some pictures of Connie and Dan fishing. They could each catch 6 rainbow trout. Connie caught 9 and Dan caught 3.
Seen all these butterflies on the edge of the water. Had no idea what there were doing.

Connie reeling in a trout. This time she had all the butterflies flying around her.
"Thank you, thank you"

12 nice trout. She cleaned them all and fried them up later for dinner. YUM!

Dan caught this fish from the river at the RV park. As I write this, Connie is looking up what kind of fish it is. Dan gave it to them to cook up.

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