Thursday, June 04, 2015

5/27/15 (done 6/4)

Oh geeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz. I left this blog post from 5/27 sitting in the draft section of the blog. Never published it. Publishing it now so you can see all the scenery pictures from the RV park. Since I missed two "Kodak moments" yesterday on 6/3 because I didn't have my camera with me, I'll just write about them here. Walking into the laundry room this HUGE toad jumped out in front of me. It really startled me cause I sure didn't expect that! His body was bigger then my fist and he was almost black, maybe dark green. I wish Bella would have followed me to the laundry room. Shes never seen a frog or toad. The other picture I didn't get was Bella catching her first bird. There was a young bird sitting at the base of a tree and Bella "tip-toed" up upon it and pounced. First of all, she didn't hurt it. She tried taking it to Dan but he was on the other side of the park on a riding lawn mower. It kept flapping it's wings, trying to get away, and because she doesn't hurt anything she was having a hard time keeping it in her mouth. It got away a couple of times for a few seconds at a time and Bella was in "chase mode". Bella finally let go for a few seconds longer and the bird scurried under the neighbor's wooden slat fence. I looked in between the wood slats and couldn't see the bird anywhere, so it got away safely. As Bella was carrying the bird she had about 5 or 6 birds "dive bombing" her all frantic about this little bird being molested by this grey furry thing. The next couple of times that Bella was out and about, she would head to the fence where the bird escaped. One time Dan lost sight of her and she found a place to crawl under the fence and was in the neighbor's yard searching for the bird. She was bound and determined to find that bird. I'm sure when we take her out to play for the rest of the time we're here, she'll head to the fence and make sure the bird didn't come back. And now are all the pictures from May 27th.............

Dan tried to get the hot tub working today but I guess it needs a new thermostat. Oh sigh. Would be nice to sit in that hot tub! Pretty nice day today until late this afternoon. Its not raining but its grey and gloomy.
Bella is heading for the big black walnut tree.

Going through the fence to the "Heart of the Monster" national park. I had to walk to the gate and go catch up with her. All I could see was the tip of her tail in the tall grass. She was looking for mice.
Looking back at the RV par,.
She was jumping like a bunny though the tall grass.

Before we leave here I'll be going into the park farther so I can take pictures of the "Heart of the Monster". Here is Dan along the river on the national park side of the fence.

Bella looking pretty while exploring.

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