Friday, August 14, 2015


We did get to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds to see our friends Chris and Connie. We hung out with them all afternoon and Dan helped Connie in the concession for awhile. He also did some electrical work for Chris. Later we went to their motor home, made dinner, ate, had good conversation, then headed back to Bremerton before dark. Neither one of us drive very far at night anymore. We almost made it home before dark, but not quite. At least I didn't have to drive in the dark very far........We actually had some much needed rain last night. The cracking thunder woke me up and next think I know is that Bella was right beside me in bed. Must have scared her. Now its overcast. We'll see if it rains more today. And that's life...................

"How can I help you?" Hmmmmm. "An order of curly fries?" "Coming right up!"
At the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Port Townsend, WA

Inside the concession with Connie and Dan
Doing some electrical work for Chris

Dan figured out the problem and all is good

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