Thursday, August 20, 2015

8/21/15 fires in Idaho

Oh geeezzz. After we got back from seeing our friends at the fairgrounds, in the last post, I found out that there were MASS BIG fires in Idaho. Right in and around the area where they live. All caused by lightening strikes. Its a real mess over there now in the Kamiah area. I called their RV park cause I knew that the lady who checks the phone messages when they are gone would eventually call me back. She did call back. She assured me that things around the park were OK so far. Then I sent a message to the Kooskie Chamber of Commerce on FaceBook and they told me that things were OK around the park too. OK, that's good. So I've been following a few different sites on FB to keep up with whats happening over there. I do believe that their RV park was spared but it looks like the fire came real close. Chris and Connie are still out with their concession at the Long Beach, WA kite festival. Sometimes with them not having a cell phone it makes it real hard to get a hold of them. At least I'm pretty sure now that things will be OK for them when they get home next week.............Dan has been gone. He had "mom duty" and had to take her to Bellingham, WA. Poor Bella has really missed him. Not having him here kind of messes up her routine. Shes funny. I've also had "mom duty" while hes been gone. I'll be in mom's house or close by in the yard with Bella when Christine is working. Mom really can't be left alone anymore. Her Alzheimer's is getting worse and while she might have some good moments, most of her moments are confusion, frustration, being mad at everything, not being able to control personal anythings, etc. It makes me very sad that she is disappearing into Alzheimer's land. My sister Christine takes GOOD care of her and is so patient. I know she will read this. I LOVE you Christine!

Other then all the "mom sitting" "mom duties" the fire and hanging out with Bella, life just goes on............And so we have Bella and Tucker pictures, of course.

Play time for Miss Bella and Mr. Tucker

Bella thinks there is a mouse or some kind of critter under the old grass clippings. Its sure not like scouting out a lizard hole in the desert. lol lol

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