Thursday, September 17, 2015

9/17/15 runaway Bella

More maintenance on our rig has been going on. Sometimes ya just can't find the part ya want so I ordered it on the Internet. I LOVE modern technology! Dan needed a fuel filter for our Onan generator. I ordered two of them. We don't use our generator during the summer as we have electric, but Dan starts it up once in awhile anyway. It spit and sputtered. He did some trouble shooting and it was time for a fuel filter. Hes also been blocking up the underside of our rig so its not as wiggly. On my "rig to do list" is to clean the window sill of the big window in our living room. Wet rag and butter knife to get it clean again. I think people that own an RV know what I'm talking about. Just in case we get to leave Bremerton again and be a snowbird for the 10th year, we're preparing for everything and anything. Got the quad on trickle charge so it will start right up and Dan fixed a slow air leak in our air hitch. Its been slowly leaking for awhile now and he always had to "air it up" before hooking rig to truck. It was one of those things that you're always gonna do but just don't get around to it. We found a hydraulic/pneumatic place and found the parts he needed. Cool. Dan LOVES Costco and seen a weather station that was being sold. Guess where it is now? Yup. Hes gonna hook that up so we can play around with it. Hes dangerous when going to Costco. Not me. I have my list, I'm on a mission, and then I'm outta there. LOL LOL LOL.............Yesterday Bella gave us quite a scare. I was next door "mom sitting" and Dan was here at home doing stuff. Bella was with him. He went out the door and she decided to go on an adventure. He didn't see her go out after him before he shut the door. Eventually he realized that she wasn't in our rig anymore. If you follow my blog you know that Bella NEVER goes outside alone, especially here at my mom's place as Ivy Road is BUSY! We looked and looked and looked for her, calling her and going into neighbor's back yards, especially across the street. I was getting pretty frantic. I came back to our rig to get something to drink and there she was sitting at the bottom of the steps to our door just looking up at me with the innocent Bella eyes. I was SO happy to see her. Of course I couldn't scold her as she didn't realize she had done something wrong. She was out exploring and no one was with her to say "Bella, stop" or "Bella, no" or "Bella, stay". Believe me, she knows these commands and obeys about 95% of the time. If she doesn't obey, then we scold her and she knows we mean business. She was probably in "cat heaven" not hearing us telling her to stop. She sure scared us. So, on that note, here are some Bella pictures. LOL LOL LOL

Miss Innocent Princess
Bella and Tucker had been playing and were in "rest mode". We love watching the Bella and Tucker Comedy Hour in the evening before dark. They are so funny.
This is how I like Bella to be after shes been chasing squirrels or jays. Just chilling under one of the apple trees.

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