Sunday, September 06, 2015

9/6/15 catching up with the blog

I am WAY behind on my blog. Sometimes its just hard to get back to putting something in it. I think its harder for me now because we are stationary for awhile and life is taken up with daily chores, Bella, and my Mom. Not much time for doing too much else unless one of us stays with Mom in the house. She can't be left alone anymore. Dan "Mom sat" while me and sister Christine went to the casino last night, Sept 5. Thank you Dan! My son Jason just had his birthday on Sept 3 and I took him some fudge and lunch to his work. Then the next day all of us, Jason and family, me and Dan, Christine, even Mom, went to dinner at Red Lobster. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON, my youngest.............Its getting cold at night. I sure wish our rig had some good insulation! Glad Dan fixed the big furnace so we could turn it on in the morning to get the chill out, but hes been colder then me, so now the portable propane heater is on low all night. After the nice and hot summer we've had, this is a real change. Today is overcast and it rained last night. Gotta wear the boots outside when playing with Bella now. The ground is going from being extremely dry to being squishy and soggy. The rain ended the rest of the blackberries trying to ripen. Good thing Dan picked a bunch of them.............On one of the days that we didn't Mom sit, we headed to see Dan's Mom for some Hawaiian BBQ thing at the assisted living place where she lives. The food was actually pretty good this time where as it always tastes like "cardboard food". YUK! We stopped by Camping World on the way and bought a new macerator pump so we can pump out our black and grey water. Our old pump is giving out after having it for 9 years. We are gonna order a few parts for it and Dan will try and fix it. In the mean time, we needed one so we can pump our black/grey water instead of paying someone to come pump for us. 3 or 4 times of someone coming to us would go right past the price we paid for a new one.

Did you really think that I wouldn't put cat pictures on here? If you did, you don't know me or my blog very well. lol lol lol..............Tucker and Bella are playing "peek" and "lets chase each other around the lilac bush". They are both pure enjoyment for us to watch and they are my favorite picture subjects. You can see how brown the grass is. All the brown you see used to be green, green, green before it dried up at the beginning of the summer. Now its starting to green up in places and the ground is becoming mushy.

This is something Bella very rarely does is sit on Dan's lap. She was taking advantage of his lap in my Mom's garage to get out of the rain. Dan was pleased.
She also knows about umbrellas keeping her dry. Yes, we are crazy people sitting out under the apple tree with umbrellas so Bella can stay outside. Oh well. We're not out there in a downpour. Just sometimes when its an irritating rain. We just sit and chill. :-)
Bella is watching a Jay in the apple tree. We have a several Jays that hang in Mom's orchard and woods. We give them peanuts and its an adventure for Bella to stalk them and try and chase them. She does the same with the squirrels. Here she is "lying low" so the squirrels don't see her. She lies "in wait" for them to come close, then she'll chase them sometimes laying her paws on them. Seeing as she doesn't catch anything to kill, except moths/crickets/grasshoppers/flying ants, she has fun playing with them.

Bella the stalker.

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