Monday, September 21, 2015

9/20/15 Peggy

Dan bought a weather station just because we always wanted to have one. Its a AcuRite Professional Weather Center, model 02064C. Now we can learn about the weather from sitting inside our rig. Still trying to figure out things. Its interesting. He mounted the 5-in-1 sensor on a pole at the back of our rig. Guess we'll find out how accurate it is eventually.

My youngest son Jason's girlfriend Jenny has girls that play soccer. A couple of days ago we went to see Autumn play. I like watching the kids play soccer. I was a "soccer mom" back in the day with both my boys.

Here is Jason and Jenny at the game.
Here comes Autumn running down the field. Shes in the orange jersey.

My sister Peggy, hubby Dennis, and friend Heather met me and Jason and Jenny at (Click on the link and go check it out). This is owned by Debbie Macomber, famous author who just happens to live in Kitsap County where we are. Peggy, Dennis, and Heather came to Port Orchard, WA this last weekend to attend the 3rd Annual Norse Gods Day of Magic. The day after their event, me and Jason and Jenny met them at the tea house for breakfast. Cool place.

WOOHOO! They are here!
Peggy's friend Heather. She came from Florida to attend this event.
My sister Peggy :-)
Peggy's husband Dennis
Youngest son Jason and Aunt Peggy
Here we are! The gift shop in back of us had lots of neat stuff.
Jason was being silly in the gift shop trying on a fancy baby bib.

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