Monday, September 28, 2015

9/28/15 super moon

And, so life goes on. I went to another soccer game (Dan was still sleeping) and have just been hanging out here at mom's house doing my "mom thing" and playing outside with Bella. Autumn is here and its getting colder, at least we think so. I'm beginning to put on layers. IF we need to stay here for the winter, its gonna a teeth chattering time for us as we've been in Quartzsite the last nine winters and its warmer there. Guess we'll see what happens with Dan's VA appointments and with my mom's Alzheimer's. I HATE this illness that she is stuck with. Its STUPID and it  SUCKS! Time will tell I'm thinking. And again, life goes on and you deal with it whether you want too or not. I, personally, love being outside with Bella, whether its cold or not. I can just concentrate on her and the birds that she chases and the squirrels that come looking for peanuts. Because Ivy Road is busy and Bella isn't "road savvy", she demands my or Dan's full attention when shes outside, so she lets me escape from reality for a little while. Sometimes reality just plain sucks. And again and again, life goes on..................We did get to see the super moon last night. Pretty cool. Guess its not gonna happen again until 2033. Just a place where you can go read about it. We were pretty lucky to have seen it as the sky was clear. Is we had been in Quartzsite out in the desert where there aren't any porch lights or street lights, I'm pretty sure I could have gotten a REAL good picture of it.

Here is Bella "laying low" stalking the blue jays.
View of the Olympic Mountains from my mom's back yard. Too bad the houses and poles are in the picture.
These are the 2 best shots I got of the super moon.

One of the many squirrels that come looking for peanuts. We buy big bags of unsalted peanuts at Costco for them. They are all real friendly and some of them come right up to us to get a peanut. Bella likes to chase them and lay a paw on them sometimes, but they seem to know that she won't hurt them as they will come real close to her to get a peanut.
 Bella just being Bella and climbing on a fallen tree. We think that she really misses the freedom she had in the desert.

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