Sunday, October 04, 2015


I can't believe that its October! If we were gonna be "on the road again", we would have already been gone. As it is Dan needs to finish up his VA appointments and hes now having to call in for jury duty for the federal court. UGH! I can't remember him having been called for jury duty since we've been together. He has called in once but doesn't have to go yet. Hopefully next time he calls, they don't want him either. It will be a hassle as the federal court is in Tacoma and the commute back and forth is right at rush hour traffic. Rush hour traffic is AWFUL in Western Washington! I've been summoned but we were in Arizona and the courts accepted that I wasn't in the state, so I didn't have to go. I imagine that I'm still on the jury list for future use.........Anyway, same stuff happening here.

Dan and I went to see my great-nephew, Mason, play soccer. Hes only 6 and its fun to watch the little guys playing on a very small field. This is his mom, my niece Jennifer and my little great-niece Brynlee.
Mason's dad, Phil. Hes all involved in the game.
Great Auntie Chris stopped by the game on her way to get a hair cut.

Brynlee. She didn't let me pick her up. She was just OK with me sitting by her.

Mason, number 15 out on the field. GO MASON! GO MASON! GO MASON!

Great-nephew Draven, also plays soccer, with little brother Mason. Great kids! I love their soccer shoes. My boys didn't have fancy soccer shoes like that. And they are even Seahawks colors. :-)
Dan's smallest Hibiscus finally came back to life and bloomed. This bloom stayed open for almost 3 days. First time that's happened as they usually bloom for one day then close up again.
Tucker was chasing the jays.
Hes such a handsome boy.
Bella on the roof of our truck staring down at me.
Hmmmmm. Now what can I do? She was being very mischievous on this day. Running from corner to corner of mom's 1/2 acre, playing keep away with us, chasing jays and squirrels, and just being silly. She sat here for about 20 minutes just contemplating her next move. Shes funny.

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