Sunday, October 11, 2015


OK, its been awhile since I made a blog entry. My sister Christine has been gone to Las Vegas, taking her two disabled clients for their annual trip. Her daughter Deanna has been here taking care of her grandma, doing the stuff that I don't do. Its been different and I just didn't think about my blog at all. My mom fell once during this time and has some bruises but she'll be OK. Other then the fall, things have been OK on the home front. Christine is back now and soon as she rests up from her vacation, things will go back to normal I'm thinking. Except for running errands and being able to attend a soccer game, Dan and I have just been right here at home. Our outside time with Bella is getting shorter as the days are getting shorter. Might have to change the times we take her outside. Dan is always a late sleeper and I get up early, so I might go out and play with her earlier in the morning. There is always plenty of squirrels out then so she has some playmates. Tucker might be outside to play, but they mostly play towards the end of the day chasing each other.

 Bella and Tucker taking a rest from playing
 We had a HUGE wind and rain storm. Its pouring here but before I had taken this picture, it was pouring so hard and so windy that I couldn't open the back door to our rig to take a picture. The door would blow shut and the rain was coming in at me. I could hardly see the road.
  Rain rain go away

 This is at my great-nephew's soccer game the same day as our storm. His name is Draven. At the time I took these pictures the rain had let up a bit. But soon it was storming again. I was sitting in my lawn chair with a huge golf umbrella over me and I was all bundled up. Poor Draven got SOAKED!
 Draven is the boy in the middle of the pictures.
  This poor guy was just drenched and he was shivering. We did the pictures fast so he could get in the car and dry off.

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