Thursday, October 22, 2015


Sure looks like we're gonna be staying the winter in Bremerton. I'll sure miss Quartzsite this snowbird season. We'll both miss the milder temps. Its gonna be a damp cold here and we haven't been in a damp cold for 9 snowbird seasons. Dan still has a couple of VA appointments to finish up with too. If we stay here, this will be the first Christmas in 10 years that we've been in Bremerton. Hope it doesn't snow. Anyway, not too much happening.

I ran into a friend of our family recently. Bob sure was excited to see me.
 Here is Tucker looking very handsome after trying to chase a bird into the tree.
We've been trying to attend soccer games. This game was for Taylor, number 4. One of my son's girlfriend's daughters. She plays for South Kitsap High School in Port Orchard, WA on the junior varsity.
Bella waking up in the morning. This is where she sleeps every night. She won't sleep with me or Dan, just in her own bed.
This is how Dan rides on the ferry to Seattle. We were on the 7:20 am ferry. WAY too early for him! We are going to the VA for one of Dan's doctor appointments.
This ferry is heading back to Bremerton.
This ferry is heading to Bainbridge Island.
Ah, the space needle
I think this is one of the dumbest things Seattle has ever done. Bet this thing sits mostly empty during the winter. I'd never ride on it.
The doctor appointment is done and we are waiting to walk onto the ferry to Bremerton. This ferry is going back to Bainbridge Island. The day sure looks different then when we first started out. All the fog is gone and some of the clouds went away. Did you know that Russell Johnson, "The Professor" from Gilligan's Island, lived on Bainbridge Island until he passed away in 2014? Just a little tidbit for ya.

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