Wednesday, October 28, 2015

10/28/15 almost Halloween

All pictures this time.

This is Dan's original hibiscus. A bright yellow. We rescued this little plant from a picnic table in an RV park a couple of years ago. Since then we bought a hibiscus when were in Quartzsite, AZ that had pink blooms. We kept these two plants outside in the sun all summer and I'm thinking that they cross-pollinated. Check out the next picture.
This is our yellow bloom plant as it looks now. Kind of a salmon or peach color. Interesting.
Great-nephew Mason playing soccer. The little kids are so fun to watch. They won 10-3. WOOHOO!
Family members watching Mason play.
Great-niece Brynlee and my niece Jennifer.
Great-nephew Draven
Mason, Draven, my mom, and Max the mutt.
Mason, Draven, Brynlee, and mom
Jennifer, her brother Raymond, Brynlee, and mom
One of the little guys we feed out in mom's orchard. They are very tame. Seeing as we'll be here all winter, we'll make sure they get plenty of peanuts when food is scarce.

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