Sunday, November 01, 2015


Halloween has passed. Its been storming here in Bremerton but it stopped long enough for Halloween night. The ground is SO soggy here I feel like our rig is gonna sink into the mucky ground. We take Bella outside in between rain drops. LOL LOL LOL

Halloween night. Steve with niece Melinda
Son Jason and Jenny. The gruesome twosome.
Jenny looks evil in this picture.
The soccer players, Draven and Mason. They all came by my mom's house to get bags of candy that my sister Christine had made up for them.
Alice in Wonderland, me, and Mr. Seahawk Fan
Look! The sun is shining! Don't let it fool ya though. Soon after the "sunny pictures" were taken, the clouds rolled in and it was storming again. The ground is REALLY soggy but you can't tell it in the pictures.
Don't let the blue sky fool ya. Our home for the winter. Oh sigh.
Bella is enjoying the kind of warm pavement before the next rain storm rolls in.
Dan has been in Monroe, WA visiting his daughter Audrey. Here he is with grand Tiffany.

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