Tuesday, November 10, 2015

11/10/15 cold cold cold

It was been SO cold here. I'm dressing in layers when taking Bella out to play. So has Dan. I think the damp cold is gonna get to both of us  this winter. Being in Bremerton all snowbird season is not gonna be fun for keeping warm. Our 5th wheel isn't insulated and we'll be using lots of propane to keep warm. Soon we'll be using our "on board" fresh water tanks instead of using the outside faucet to get water. We'll just do like we do in Quartzsite and fill our tanks when we start to get low. Dan was told that if we use our "on board" water tanks that we won't have to worry about anything freezing by a person at an RV store. We'll see if that is true. We've never had to "winterize" before so this will be a new experience. The condensation on the windows drives me crazy. I gotta wipe the window sills every morning. Not sure how to get rid of that yet. Its not as bad when we use our big furnace at night instead of the portable propane heater. I'll try and keep the window sills as dry as I can cause we sure don't want mold and mildew. YUK! Good thing we have 2 doors to get inside our rig. We can use the back door to the garage, leave our boots there,  and not track in crap from the yard. Mom's property is SO mucky and wet that we wear boots outside when traipsing around with Bella. I even take her outside when its raining just so she can have her outdoor adventure. She'll run from the 5th wheel to Mom's garage then run and sit under one of the apple trees to wait for me. I'll follow her with an outdoor chair and a HUGE golf umbrella. She knows what the umbrella is for and will get on my lap under the umbrella and we'll sit there and watch the squirrels and jays. Shes funny. Guess me and Dan are both a little crazy for catering to our cat, but its what we do and we love her.

I was able to meet up with friends Rusty and Debbie in Silverdale, WA for lunch and to go shopping. They live in Port Townsend, WA and rode the bus from there to Silverdale. We've know each other like forever. They are the best people and I love them both.

Dennis, my brother-in-law, and me at a physic fair. Him and my sister Peggy came to Bremerton from Bellingham, WA and I went to meet up with them for awhile.
My sister Peggy with Dennis
We took another trip to the Seattle VA. Don't like going there. Its always a hassle. Depressing place, no place to park, and so on and so forth.........Took a couple of pictures when we were coming back to Bremerton on the ferry. Gloomy looking picture of Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and the big hammer head crane.
Coming into the dock.


hadacres said...

If you buy a humidifier, it will keep the moisture off the windows. I run ours every morning until the windows are clear. We have a 39' 5th wheel, use it all winter. You would be surprised how much water comes off those windows each day.

Patty, Dan, Bella, and Bonehead in spirit said...

Thank you so much for the idea. We'll be trying that. :-)