Saturday, July 16, 2016


Geezz.......I haven't written in like forever. The blog fell to the wayside as I am dealing with everyday life after my Mom passing away. I just feel like a big part of me "passed" with her. I know things will get better as time goes on, but right now I feel rather lost. OK. Enough of that..............I feel like our 5th wheel is gonna grow roots right here in Mom's yard and keep us here. When we can get things all settled with Dan's mom, getting her settled back into assisted living from the rehab place shes in, we can seriously think about traveling one more time. Have alot of factors depending on this but we'll try and work everything out.........We've started picking the blueberries and blackberries here in the orchard and I made my first cobbler. It was different as it was made in a coffee mug and put in the microwave. It was good but next time I will tweak it as to how I want it to turn out.

I did meet up with an old friend and her daughters at Starbucks one day. I've known Doni, the mom, since about 1978. It was fun to see her and her daughters Shawnda and Donna. I'm glad they convinced me to meet up with them.
4th of July was just another day. Dan's daughter Audrey and his grands came over. We didn't have near as many fireworks as we normally do, but Dan lit up the skies pretty good anyway.
Dan's grand Tiffany
Mom was with us in spirit. The picture taped to the chair was taken on July 4th, 2015
My niece Melinda and her daughter Grace
Grace lighting a firework

Audrey's friend Tommy, Audrey, and Dan
Dan's grand Nicholas
Sister Christine
Dan's grand Caleb with Grace and Tiffany
Making s'mores

Dan sold the Harley. Its VERY bittersweet. I hate that it had to be sold. No one is gonna take care of it and love it like Dan does. We took it out of storage and hes been working on it, like new spark plugs, stuff like that. Soon it will be gone and I will be VERY sad, so I can't EVEN imagine how Dan will feel. Sometimes ya gotta do stuff in life that you don't wanna do and this just plain SUCKS!, in my opinion.
Dan has a headache. Walking around with an ice pack on his head
Bella just chillin'

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

We all realize that time stands still for no one so we have to enjoy our lives here and now but it is still hard when someone dear to us whether it's a family member or close friend is no longer here with us. Glad to see that their lives can be celebrated with the memories they made with us.
It may also be sad to see the motorcycle go but as we age sometimes it is better to just keep it in our memories.
Looking forward to reading about more future travels.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.