Saturday, August 20, 2016


And, life goes on. This time in pictures.........

We have sold the Harley, so Dan took it out of storage and hes getting it all pretty. It will continue to live with us for awhile........
Miss High Maintenance princess just chillin'
Dan and my cousin Lynn. She is gonna follow him to the Harley shop to get a new back brake installed on the bike.

I know he has really missed riding the bike, but he had to give it up. When you lose your balance, that's not a good thing. Ya never know when its gonna happen. He did good going to and from the Harley shop though.
Sister Christine and our Aunt Lucille picking blackberries in the back yard.
Dan, Aunt Lucille, and Lynn making their way to our favorite local Chinese joint. The Golden Star. YUM!
Yummy "wanna be cobblers"..............
Tucker and Bella chillin' by the little pool. Its not often I can get both cats in the same picture looking at me.......
This is Taylor. She is the daughter of my son Jason's girlfriend Jenny. She just turned 17 and is working at her first job. Dan and I took her to Port Townsend, WA to the Jefferson County Fair. She is working with our friends, Chris and Connie, in their concession. C & C Concessions. I used to work and sometimes travel with them before I met Dan. Then Dan has worked with them. Jason has also traveled and worked with them. This is hard work and you work at a fast pace. Its also a fun thing to do and will be good experience for Taylor.

Connie teaching Taylor how to make curly fries. They are the best that I've ever tasted.
Taylor learning that cleaning is very important. The bleach bucket that the cleaning rags are kept in will become her best friend.
Dan giving her some pointers on working the fryer........
Taylor, Dan, and Connie. We so loved working in the curly fry wagon..........
I didn't take a recent picture of the concession so I put an older one on here.
This is my good friend Debbie. She works in Port Townsend so I got the chance to see her. We don't get to see each other very often, so this was a nice treat.
Here is Chris in the curly fry wagon window. He is the other "C" in C&C............
Dan's hibiscus finally "woke up". It hasn't bloomed since last October 2015 and here it is August 2016. It stayed dormant for a very long time.
Dan's "garden". LOL LOL.......The little hibiscus that we rescued from a picnic table in an RV park is now two plants. When Dan adopted the little plant, it was in a 4" little pot and really sad. Its now a happy plant, even though we sure wish it would not be dormant so much as its really pretty when its blooming. He also has a cactus and a Venus fly tray.
And, the first bloom closed up and another one opened. There are lots of buds on these two plants so I'm sure we'll see blooms almost everyday. Too bad the blooms don't stay open for days at a time. Maybe 2 days at the most.........

Lately this seems to be a place Bella likes to be..........

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

You definitely can't say you haven't been busy.
Too bad about selling the motorcycle but if you have balance problems it's not worth keeping.
Good work experience for Taylor.
Great good with the plant rescue. You could be starting a new trend.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.