Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Normal everyday stuff happening here. Today as I write this entry, the sky is overcast, gray, and lightly misting. Been quite awhile since we seen any moisture. Good thing we picked blackberries yesterday. They were SO ready to be picked and if we had not picked, today they would have been ruined by the moisture. Dan's daughter Audrey and her kids were here and helped us pick 3 1/2 gallons. She took a couple of gallons of blackberries and about 1/2 a quart of blueberries home with her.

Here is Tucker just chillin'. He is very good at doing that. Sometimes we wish Bella would chill more. Shes SO active!
Dan taped off 2 sides of the shed and gave them another coat of paint. 2 more sides yet to paint. The shed is looking good.
We had a solar eclipse on August 21st. 90% covered. I made us each a box in which to view the eclipse. Worked out real good. My sister and her daughter Tonya came home from being at the planetarium in Bremerton with some special glasses, so we were able to look right at the eclipse. It was too cool. When the sun was covered, we both felt a chill in the air. What a strange feeling that was. And, of course, it was darker outside. I'm so glad we got to experience this.

I was able to take a picture with my phone after the eclipse was over. I caught Venus off to the right of the sun.
As. you can tell, its getting close to football season again. OK. Whatever floats your boat. I personally don't enjoy watching a football game, although I am happy that the Seahawks win. Dan bought this neon Seahawk light for my sister Christine. It now lives in her front window of the house.
This is what it looks like when one of the apple trees bares fruit and its all bad. The tree is probably 70 to 75 years old and it just doesn't work for the apples anymore. I think Dan is gonna try and prune the trees in the orchard and see if they will make a "come back". The apples will be dumped in the woods in the background of the picture.
This is the sign I had put up in front our rig in the desert in Quartzsite. The desert is HUGE but people still sped by our rig on their ATV's not watching for Bella and throwing up lots of dust. I decided to put my old sign up in the shared driveway by our rig which sits next to my sister's house. And even made a new sign to go with the old. So far it has slowed down the UPS, FEDEX, other delivery drivers, pizza guy, and anyone else who comes down the driveway that doesn't live in the two back houses. Good idea Patty! :-)

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